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Carpet-Weaving House

Watch how carpets are weaved and experience weaving them yourself!

Moqtadaei Conference Room

Moqtadaei Conference Room

It was named so in the memory of Mr. Moqtadaei, SarayeAmeriha’s first architect, as a tribute to his artistic endeavors

  • 90 seats
  • Media systems available
  • wifi
SohrabSepehri Gallery

SohrabSepehri Gallery

We will host your art, in Kashan, In Sohrab’s city

  • Arrangement for all types of artistic works
  • Offering Service to guests
  • wifi
Gathering Room

Gathering Room

Converse and enjoy our services in a peaceful and elegance environment

  • 40 square meters
  • 25 seats
  • Media systems available
  • Service available
  • wifi


  • Silver Jewelry

    Handmade Silver Jewelry

    SarayeAmeriha’s designs are carved onto beautiful silver jewelry

    • Various handmade silver jewelry, under the brand name of Zilwear, with exclusive and unique designs taken from SarayeAmeriha’s designs
  • Carpet Café

    Carpet Café

    Original Iranian designs, in Kashan’s hand woven carpets café

    Carpet Café’s Instagram Page:

  • SarayeAmeriha’s Souvenirs

    SarayeAmeriha’s Souvenirs

    Handmade works of Iranian artists, in various colors and designs, are offered in this shop

    • Various potteries
    • Isfahan’s enamelware
    • Products of Kashan Dolls and Toys Museum
    • Various jewelry
  • Shar Weaving

    SharBafi (Shar Weaving)

    Shar is a fabric weaved from silk or wool. Kashan’s Shar Weaving products are offered here

    • Various garments made out of Shar Weaving fabrics
    • Various Shar Weaving shawls

Foods and Drinks

  • Howz House

    Howz House

    Sitting on the throne of memories, with an extraordinary view, and tasting the bittersweet flavor of the past…

    • Offering various drinks including herbal teas and juices
  • Breakfast Saloon

    Breakfast Saloon

    Elegant separate space for starting a good day

    • 30 seats
    • Service priority for hotel guests
    • Reservation 48 hours prior to your ceremony
  • Coffee House

    Coffee House

    Familiar scent of coffee and herbal teas, accompanied by light meals, turns your evening into memorable moments

    • 40 seats
    • wifi
  • Hall of Mirrors Restaurant

    Enjoy delicious foods and experience unique momnets in a pleasant, traditional atmosphere in one of SarayeAmeriha’s most beautiful spaces.

    • 90 seats
    • Diverse menu and daily specials
    • Wi-Fi